Does Your Site Need a Refresh? – Part 2

Now on to the second part of why your site probably needs a refresh.

Does Everything Work?

First, you might want to check and see if everything still works.  Go through all of the area of your website and figure out what is most important first.  On your blog, have a good look at all of the archives, see if there are any dead links or anything that could be deleted.  Anything that you’d like to change or do, here’s where you start planning.  If your website is only three years old, you may already have the perfect theme in mind but it should be updated anyway.  

Responsive Designs

Make sure you consider a responsive design.  This takes into account that the majority of visitors to your site are using different technologies.  Clients want to be able to access everything on their mobile devices these days.  Avoid being outdated before you begin!  The rules for website design are constantly changing especially with the fast pace of technology development.  Personalize your site to your clients in an effort to improve the conversion rate.


Another big change in website designs is that people prefer informative content over promotional.  Make sure that you site has plenty of information about what you do or can inform them about.  Include lots of photos and videos to help explain things to new visitors.  Revise your sales copy and offers. If your website has useful, engaging information, it will help drive sales.  New clients don’t need to be converted, they need to be sold!  You definitely should be considering integrating digital marketing to your site as well.

There are lots of places on a website that can be improved or fixed.  Make sure that your visitors can navigate your site easily.  User friendly is the way to go!  Optimize your menus and navigation.  Make sure that you add social sharing button to your visitors can share their experiences with you online.

There is a lot to digest in this information so I will leave it here.  Stay tuned for Part 3.

In the meantime, don’t hesitate to get in touch for your complimentary consultation.


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