Website Maintenance

What is it?

WordPress Maintenance

What this means that that your WordPress website remains current.  Regular website maintenance ensures all codes are running, WordPress Content Management System (CMS) remains up to date, all security patches have been applied to secure your site against hack attacks, all plugins have been updated and tested, regular site back-ups have been taken, all malware and SQL injections are removed from your website. 

WordPress Maintenance

Why do I need this?

WordPress website maintenance is critical as technology is changing so fast now!  With security breaches daily, it is important to ensure that your website stays current on the CMS as well as keeping up with all the security patches to avoid any vulnerabilities.  Furthermore, regular website maintenance monitors performance and ensures good user experience.  Most importantly, it also avoids downtime or the dreaded 404 errors.

What's in it?

Maintenance Packages

Packages vary between clients since each one has specific goals when it comes to their website.  Our WordPress website packages are very explicit in what they include.  Get in touch with us and we will explain what is covered so that you can decide which package best fits your needs.  We do offer a complimentary consultation to assist you in making your decision.

The Bottom Line

What Does It Cost?

Web Dezyn Plus’  Monthly Website Maintenance plans vary from client to client as websites vary in size and complexity.  Not sure what you might need, start with our Basic plan of four hours per month at $125 plus HST.  More complex sites can range between $250 – $500 plus HST for add-ons like e-commerce systems, on-line booking systems, investigative blogging , social media integration, libraries and others.  You can always upsize from the basic plan if your site needs more attention that the hours covered by the basic plan.  We will be happy to chat with you about what would work best for your company.

I Don't Need Maintenance!

Can I Cancel My Plan?

Web Dezyn Plus understands that our clients’ business needs may change and, yes, we do allow cancellations or changes of maintenance packages.  We do require three (3) months notice of all cancellations as our monthly plans are often invoiced quarterly.

My Business is Growing

Can I Switch Plans?

Of course!  Web Dezyn Plus understands that business needs change so we allow changes in maintenance plans.  Any package upgrade can be implemented right away with a pro-rated price if the change is mid-month or quarter.  Any downgrade of a Maintenance Package starts on the beginning of the next billing cycle.  All changes must be communicated in writing via e-mail.

How do I pay?

How does Billing Work?

Web Dezyn Plus website maintenance plans are either invoiced quarterly or yearly depending on our clients’ preferences.  For clients who have also asked for content writing, SEO or social media integration, the maintenance can be combined into one invoice and billed monthly.  We try to be flexible and work with our clients’ budgets.  Get in touch with us for your specific payment needs.


What if I Pay Yearly?

Web Dezyn Plus is happy to offer an equivalent to “One Free Month of Support ” for any client who chooses to pay annually.  In other words, our clients will receive twelve months of support for their WordPress website for the price of eleven!  A great deal!