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Web Dezyn Plus provides a variety of services to assist you, our client, in keeping everything working smoothly in the backend of your website.  Every business website is an investment and requires attention to keep you in front of your potential customers.  Let us be your website administrator and take the pressure off!  

Our Plans

Maintenance Plans

Web Dezyn Plus is pleased to offer three (3) options of our website maintenance packages.  We have found that these options are the most popular with our clients.  By employing Web Dezyn Plus, you can stop worrying about the backend of keeping your website online and functioning properly.  If you are looking for more specific maintenance for your site, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to customize a package just for you.

All packages include taking regular back-ups, make small content changes as well as ensure website is up to date in terms of technology.


$125 per month (4 hours)


$175 per month (4 hours)


$250 per month (6 hours)

Design Plans

Here at Web Dezyn Plus, we realize how important it is to keep your site up-to-date with fresh content and designs.  If your website is over three years old, given how fast technology changes, it’s probably time for a refresh.  This is why we offer different options that we have learned work best for our clients.  Not everybody needs a “start-from-scratch” site but some do.  If you don’t sell or book online, then we promise not to try to upsell you into a package that you don’t need!  Let us give your website some “love” and let’s work together to design a shiney new business website that will be uniquely you! 


Up to 5 pages – $1,250.00


Up to 10 pages – $2,500.00


Up to 15 pages – $4,995.00

Content, Blogging & SEO

A lot of writing!  Yes and most business people do not do it very well.  We would love to be your strategic partner for all of your writing needs.  That includes Content Writing for your website, social media ads, brochures, e-mails, and more.  Blogging is also a huge part of keeping your site in front of potential clients.  Do you blog every week?  Probably not so let us take up the slack!  Do you even know what role SEO plays in your business website?  We do!  And all of the content or blogs that we produce are SEO ready so that the search engines will like your site.  Already have a site but you don’t seem to be getting the traffic you think you should?  Let us do an analysis of your website and review it with you.  If you would like us to do a rewrite of the whole think or just a few pages, we can do that too!

Content Writing

$250 per month

Blog Writing

$400 per month

SEO Writing

$650 per month

Custom Plans & Packages

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So what do you need that will work for you and your business?  Here at Web Dezyn Plus, we are always able to create a customize service that will accomplish just what you need!  

We are also happy to provide a “combo” pack that includes a maintenance plan plus a copyrighting option.  Just give us a shout and let us design something that works for you in your budget.

Just because our most popular options aren’t exactly right for you doesn’t mean that we cannot create one for you.  Just get in touch and let’s chat!

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