Does Your Site Need a Refresh? – Part 3

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The final part of the puzzle of website redesign requirements.

Trends in Digital Marketing?

When you use a smartly designed and user-friendly website is really critical for digital marketing success as your online presence is one of your most valuable assets.  After all, what good is an attractive website if no one can find it, use it or visit it.  The fact is that a new website will deliver a total digital marketing mix that is far more attractive than a website that is looking rather dated; especially at a time when trends are rapidly shifting in online marketing.  If your website has been around for some time, what’s changed?  A new website must reflect the latest trends and developments in digital marketing — it needs to give customers an insight into what your business is all about, and what the digital marketing offers to visitors and potential clients.

So Do You Need an Expert?

After successfully launching three successful businesses — the first in 2004 (NightinGail Photography’s first website written in html), 2007 (NightinGail Photography’s re-vamped website created in ProPhoto), 2019 (Kennisis Portraits website built with WordPress & Elementor) and  our latest venture, Web Dezyn Plus in 2021 (created with WordPress and Elementor Pro), I know a lot about this common issue that new business owners have.  The common answer for most of my clients was “we struggles to get our website set up.”  Because I was and still am a techno-geek, I built several variations of my websites over the years.  Most business owners I know, at first, tried to do their websites themselves because of budget constraints. As they found out, it wasn’t a great start.  Most of these sites weren’t designed to sell anything, they just hoped that magically their business would be found online.  So guess what — the businesses ultimately hired someone to create their online presence for them.  So what’s really important here?  To start fresh with a brand new, shiny website (or at least a fresh design.)  Knowing your current website audience isn’t always easy and you need to figure that out before you begin.

Do You Hire a Web Designer and/or SEO specialist?

These tasks are very complex and you should have a team member or partner who can do this area of work for you.  You need to work with a partner (in this case, Web Dezyn Plus) and put a plan together for your website.

It’s important that your website is accessible to people of all ages and not just to those who are tech-savvy.  There’s a reason that almost two-thirds of millennials won’t recommend a product to their friends unless they’ve tried it, but you need to show them how to find your website in order for them to share it with others.  The most crucial step is to come up with a site design and features that are simple to use and share!

Now, it’s time to consider if Web Dezyn Plus would be a perfect partner fit for your business.  How can we help you accomplish everything you need to get that shiny new, user-friendly, client capturing website up and running.  Book your complementary consultation and let’s get your business on the worldwide web today.


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