Does Your Site Need a Refresh? – Part 1

Managing your website should be simple; however, if you are not a “techie” and don’t want to keep in front of the learning cure, Web Dezyn Plus is here for you.

If your website is over three years old it is probably time for a refresh. Why do you need it? Where do you start?

The importance of a website redesign

Let’s face it! With the advent of technology, the needs of business owners have evolved significantly. In the pre-digital era, they worked from their offices or their homes. This is no longer the case. Today’s business owner work with customers, connect with partners, communicate through social media, uses analytics, does transactions online and expects to use tools and apps that facilitate their business. At the same time, businesses and marketers are required to be agile and able to respond quickly to market changes and demands. The way we work is changing at a pace not seen before. The demand for speed has pushed business owners to continuously identify new opportunities and find ways to leverage new tools.

What to look for when it’s time for a website refresh

When you are ready to refresh your site, you have to go back to the drawing board. You’re essentially taking a clean sheet of paper and making all new site tags, header tags, footers, code snippets and so on. These are all the items that the crawlers need to know about your site. When you redesign a site, you want to make it look more professional.  You want to make it more organized.  You want it to be accessible.  Most of all, you want it to make users’ lives easier. Your site should contain the information they need the most.  The navigation must be easy to find so users can find what they’re looking for quickly. You want to show them a step-by-step approach to using your site to give them the best user experience possible.  

Can you do this effectively or are you going to throw your hands up in the air?

This is where we come in!  Web Dezyn Plus has over ten years of experience in working with WordPress.  Over this time,  a variety of templates and kits have developed so we have learned how to use them correctly.  We have the ability to listen to you and get your ideas down on paper to make sure that your shiny new website is perfect for your business.  Elementor, Elementor Pro, Astra, Kadence, or  Gutenberg are just a few of the WordPress editor tools that we are using to create or refresh websites for the small entrepreneur or businesses. 

Sorry, we are no longer editing in ProPhoto, Divi, Wix, SquareSpace, Weebly or Shopify.  They have become too restrictive for customization and the learning curve for our clients is just too long.

Can we help you?  Yes — get in touch with us today!


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