Content and Blog Writing

Do you need a content writer for your website, blog, social media or advertising campaign?  We can help you avoid facing that “white screen of death!”

It might be tempting to think that writing a blog post or a social media post is easy.  We mean, you write e-mails and texts all the time– Right?  Writing website content is very different!  An experienced writer can save you time and really increase the professionalism of your website.  We are able to incorporate the “right” words into your website or blog ensuring that search engine rankings continue to grow.  We can also help you build trust with the people who read your content.

In truth, most small business owners are way way too busy trying to run their business to try to keep on top of everything related to site content, blogging or social media.  Or this a skill which they simply do not have and don’t want to learn.  Everybody knows that you should be creating content for their clients and potential new customers but this is an area that often gets neglected.

We will work together with you to capture exactly what you want to say.  If you decide to work with us, we will create a “content” calendar” which will list the planned blog post, along with keywords and SEO content information.  This calendar will have dates for drafts to be written and publish dates once you each blog has been approved (in writing).

If you have any questions about our services, please get in touch.  We will be happy to answer any questions and help you find the best option for your business.

Should I have . . .

A Content Writer?

What Content Writing does is to ensure that your website remains fresh and up-to-date.  This is especially important because SEO (Search Engine Optimization) determines where your website will appear on a particular search engine.  Stale, uninteresting copy will drop you further down on the pages.  

Content pages can be revitalized with just a few changes which can make a big difference in how Google sees your business.

A website is all about getting new clients so an investment in a professional content writer can pay for itself in just a short time.

What About . . .

A Blogger?

Each blog post that we write is based on content research related to your business.  We will make you an expert in your field by working with you to create a blog article that is SEO friendly that your clients will find interesting and want to share with others.

The more you can post on your blog, the more traffic you will attract!  

We understand that every client is different so we ensure that the content is specific to your business.

Why Do I Need . . .

SEO Content?

Content is KING when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and these requirements change very quickly in this technological world.  

We are experienced SEO content writers that will listen to your ideas and then focus on creating persuasive content and messages that will attract clients, both old and new.  

We will work together with you to capture exactly what you want to say, then create a written version for you to review and approve before we update your site.

Where Do I Start?

Website Review & Rewrite

Writing your own website content can be daunting.  Trying to be a professional writer when you’re a coach, photographer or something else is just plain difficult if not impossible!

We will be happy to review your site and offer suggestions as to what should be improved in order to maximize your SEO.

A rewrite of your entire site is available should you choose to add Web Dezyn Plus as part of your team.

Just get in touch!