Congratulations Beverley Brewer

We want to give a big shout-out and thanks to Beverley Brewer, a Canadian author, who chose us to create a new website.  The new site went live yesterday.  We are thrilled with the final result and we know that Bev is as well.

Bev posted her request on  After reading her post for a web designer, we thought that we would be a good fit and got in touch!

To find out more about Beverley Brewer and her writings, please visit the website!

We want to give a big “SHOUT OUT” to all of the clients who have chosen to work with us since the business officially opened in September 2021.  We could not have done what we do without your support.  So “Thank You!”

We also want to inform you that ALL clients need to plan to have an on-going maintenance plan going forward.  Google has been changing how they implement the components of indexing websites on literally a weekly basis.  The other search engines are also changing often.  In addition, the plugins that websites use also change and update often to comply with the search engines.  If you don’t keep up — your site will fall lower and lower on the search pages.  Part of Web Dezyn Plus’ maintenance plans including keeping everything up-to-date and running properly on a weekly basis.  We are also no longer designing sites for clients who do not intend to use our on-going maintenance plan (the basic fee for four hours of this service is $100 plus HST — a small investment.)  Need blogging or social media integration — we do that too!  Contact us for a customized package.

We have implemented the “Review & Pay” option on all our invoices beginning at the 1st of December.  There will be an automatic processing fee applied to all invoices using this option.  If you wish to avoid this fee, just pay using regular E-Money transfer directly to the address on your invoice.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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