Client Update – Google Search Engine

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Client Update

As part of our quality service to you, our clients, former clients and potential clients, we have just been advised that the Google search engine changing the way that websites will be indexed.  The rollout has started already and will be completed over the next few weeks. 

Wy do you need to know this?  Actually, you don’t.  But I do!  This is part of Web Dezyn Plus’ mandate to ensure that your website meets all of the criteria to ensure that your site doesn’t not get “dinged” with not being compliant.  Google changes how their algorithms work on a regular basis and most of the time this is work that we do in the background for both our design and maintenance clients.  However, since this is a major change on how Google reads your content, I thought it prudent to pass the highlights along.

The biggest change is that Google is looking for content that targets “real” people.  Sites now have to be providing information, products and services that people are looking for and not just using content to get the site placed on page one or two!  Duplicate content spread throughout the site is going to get you a “ding!”

Secondly, key words are becoming much less important.  Again, this is because keywords used to be able to push a site up to the first couple of pages in rankings.  Google are now indexing your website titles instead at a higher rating.

Thirdly, fresh content on at least a monthly basis is going to become even more important over the next few weeks and months.  Ideally, every website owner should be blogging at least that often but if you can write something every week, that will help raise your SEO ranking.  If you don’t want to blog yourself, we are here ready to help out so just get in touch.

Do You Have to do Anything?

Our current clients don’t have to do a thing.  We will be taking care of this on an ongoing basis.  If your site is currently under-construction, everything will be compliant before you GO LIVE.  For our maintenance clients, we started working on making sure that everything is compliant as soon as we got this updated information from Google.  

If you are not currently a client of Web Dezyn Plus and this is all “Geek-speak” to you, we would like to chat with you to see if we can help.  Because this is such a big issue for all website owners, we will be providing 2023 Maintenance Contracts for our services at our 2022 rate of $100 plus HST per month for any new Maintenance Contract booked with us until November 15, 2022.  Just fill out the contact form below and we will be back in touch as soon as possible.

We’d like to welcome our newest website design clients, New Venture Counseling, Clean It Clean, GP Outdoors, Beverley Brewer – Author, Olde Wood Shoppe and The-Eighties-Store.  Their new sites will be coming in the first quarter of 2023.  We are delighted that they have trusted us to be their designer moving forward.

And not to forget our clients who have chosen a Maintenance Plan for the next year with us — Tanya Ellis Photography, Mind Health Connect, Ant Art, Lemons Into Lemonade, and Middle Ground Engagement.  We take all the worry out of keeping their websites running smoothly and dealing with anything that comes up.

It’s Vacation Time

We will heading off the S.W. Florida at the end of the week with an office reopening on November 7th.  I will be available for texts or phone calls on a limited basis for next week.  If it’s an EMERGENCY …. please text as that will be the easiest way to reach me.



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