Another Website Design is Live

Our latest client’s brand new shiney website went live yesterday!  We worked with Barb to create a site that reflected her company, Clean It Clean – Residential Cleaning Service.  She had been running her business for the last eight years by word-of-mouth and Kijji.  She realized that she needed to have a professional business website to grow her business.  She put her request into Bark and after reading her description of what she was looking for, we felt that we could really help her get her business onto the web!

As most new business owners who don’t know the process of getting their companies on-line, we explained that she needed to purchase a domain name and a hosting plan.  For clarification, a hosting plan is where your website lives.  She took our recommendations and purchased both from  our preferred hosting company so we could get started.

We really want to thank Barb for getting all of the content and her personal images to us in a timely manner.  She worked very hard to make sure that her site really says Clean It Clean – Residential Cleaning Service is what her company is and how it does business.  Make sure you check out her business and our latest design.

For the month of January, Clean It Clean – Residential Cleaning Service will be on the complimentary Website Maintenance plan.  Barb has already decided that she wants us to take care of all of the maintenance going forward.  She is also adding social media integration to help us get her found on-line.  It takes a lot of work for that to happen and it’s something that Web Dezyn Plus does well for our clients. 

 If you are looking for  a website refresh, redesign, new site, social media integration or any type of maintenance, please get in touch with us or leave us a comment below.

We are on vacation starting December 24th at 1 pm. through January 2, 2023.  We will be back in the office on the 3rd.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


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