Some of Our Recent Launches!

Since my last update to you, we have launched four brand-new websites.  We are thrilled to share them with you.  As you can see, every client was looking for something completely different that really makes a statement about their business.

All of our websites are created using WordPress and Elementor and/or Elementor Pro.  95% of our created websites are hosted at Host Papa, a certified green and Canadian company with fabulous support for both the technical and non-technical person.

So here’s #1 – Rogue Marine Rentals

We were contacted by John from Rogue Marine Rentals last spring.  He was on a different platform that was not doing what he wanted so was looking for a change.  He also did not think his logo had enough “pazzazzz” so our designer created a brand new one for his business.  Rogue Marine Rentals are a local marine rental company in Severn, ON, who supplies sea-doos, pontoons and other boats for half-day. full-day, multi-day and weekly rentals.  John was very specific about what he wanted for his new website and I am glad to say that we were able to accommodate most of his requirements.  Let me tell you, I learned an awful lot about the rental business.  Most importantly, the on-line bookings, reporting, and different ways to take payments and deposits was an eye-opener.  There is absolutely nothing “out of the box” that could do everything that he wanted; but he needed to be live before the May 24th weekend so live — we went! We have, since the launch, found a marine rental software company who will probably be able to do everything so we will be discussing this option in the fall.  None the less, we are really proud of this site.

And our #2 – Mind Health Connect

We were first contacted by Deb to create some content for her website that was under construction with another design firm.  Bottom line, the nothing had been done on the site for several months and she was getting very concerned.  To make a long story short, after reviewing the “under construction” site with her, Deb made the decision to hire Web Dezyn Plus to take over and get her new site up and running within a few short weeks, which we did.  She also was not happy with the her previous logo design, so our graphic designer got right in there and created this beautiful new one that really spoke to Deb.  Mind Health Connect provides a variety of counselling options for anyone who is looking for help in Deb’s areas of expertise.  We also were able to integrate the Jane app for on-line appointment bookings and payment options.  We are absolutely thrilled that Deb chose Web Dezyn Plus to create her new site.  More importantly, she has now become a Website Maintenance client as well.  In her words, “I don’t want anything to do with the administration of a website!  I don’t want to have to learn how to keep everything working on the backend!”

And our #3 – Lydia Tjoa Fab Sculpting

Lydia found Web Dezyn Plus on Bark.  She was looking for a very simple website with a store option for an art show in Oakville.  She had lots of sculptures to display.  Our graphic designer was able to create a logo that really spoke to Lydia so this is the final one.  Once again, this was a first for us in creating an artist’s website which would use Square as their on-line store.  We were able to meet the deadline of getting her site up and running before the Oakville Art in the Park show and she made a lot of sales!  Way to go Lydia.

And most recent launch #4 – Ant Art

Ant Art, a Canadian-Haitian artist and his wife also found us on Bark.  They were looking for a way for showcase Antoine’s art.  Web Dezyn Plus found the best Elementor Pro web kit to base their new site on and once everything was customized and approved, we were ready to launch. Although they aren’t doing any on-line selling at the moment, all of Ant Art’s works are available for purchase by contacting him directly.  Ant Art is based in Ottawa, ON.  Also congratulations to his wife, Roxane, for the logo design for their new site.  She did a great job with it.    Ant Art has also joined the Web Dezyn Plus – Website Maintenance Client Family for the exact same reason as Mind Health Connect.  They just don’t want to have to deal with all the administration parts of owning a website.

So what’s coming down the pipe?   Several more new website design projects which have us booked until the end of the year.  New launches in September, October and November are already been scheduled.  In addition, we have on-going website repairs, SEO, copywriting and other assignments.

Let’s chat soon!


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