Maximizing Business Success:

The Power of Social Media Marketing In this article we wanted to discuss the importance of social media on your business..  The strategic importance of using social media for business growth, including enhanced brand awareness, cost-effectiveness, customer engagement strategies, and leveraging social media for a competitive advantage cannot be understated.  90% of all potential customers […]

Mastering SEO

A Comprehensive Guide to Boosting Your Website’s Visibility Everybody talks about SEO.  But what it is?  Why do you need to understand it?  This article is an overview of essential SEO concepts, key components of a successful SEO strategy, the importance of content optimization, best practices for technical SEO, effective link building strategies, and local […]

Web Dezyn Plus Receives Recognition

Web Dezyn Plus Achieves Top Spot in Pandia’s List of Digital Marketing Firms in Orillia, ON At Web Dezyn Plus, our mission has always been to alleviate the stress of website management for businesses, allowing them to focus on what they do best. Founded by Gail Kenney, our journey began in September 2020, following years […]

Maximizing SEO Success

The Power of Regular Content Updates We really want to explore the long-term benefits of website performance optimization, including improved user experience, conversion rates, and SEO success.  For your business to succeed there are a lot of moving parts with respect to your on-line presence.  This article just gives a brief overview of just a […]

Ultimate Guide to Sustainable On-Line Success

Through Website Performance Optimization This month, we really want to  highlight the importance of regular content updates and optimization for SEO, emphasizing the benefits of fresh content, keyword optimization, building website authority and trust, enhancing user engagement, and providing best practices for content update frequency.  The purpose of having a company website is to get […]

The True Cost of Ignoring Website Maintenance:

Protecting Your On-line Investment The article explores the hidden costs and consequences of neglecting website maintenance, emphasizing the importance of regular updates, backups, and proactive maintenance to ensure optimal performance, SEO ranking, and long-term success for our clients’ businesses.  Let Web Dezyn Plus keep your website running smoothly so you won’t have to! Introduction to […]

Why SEO is important to Us?

Website admins using SEO tools to get their websites ranked in top search rankings in search engine. Website improvement concept to make search results higher.

Why is SEO so important to us? I have just completed a course about the changes in SEO that are taking place in 2024. As the webmistress for over 30 clients,