Our Latest Website Revamp – Journey 2 Soulful

🔄🌐 We are so excited to announce that Journey 2 Soulful’s website revamp is complete.  When Amanda got in touch with us a few months ago she wanted to discuss the changes in her business and operating procedures that she wanted to implement. Her plans and vision for what the new website was going to […]

Does Your Site Need a Refresh? – Part 3

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The final part of the puzzle of website redesign requirements. Trends in Digital Marketing? When you use a smartly designed and user-friendly website is really critical for digital marketing success as your online presence is one of your most valuable assets.  After all, what good is an attractive website if no one can find it, […]

Does Your Site Need a Refresh? – Part 2

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Now on to the second part of why your site probably needs a refresh. Does Everything Work? First, you might want to check and see if everything still works.  Go through all of the area of your website and figure out what is most important first.  On your blog, have a good look at all […]

Does Your Site Need a Refresh? – Part 1

Scrabble tiles spelling Design on purple background.

Managing your website should be simple; however, if you are not a “techie” and don’t want to keep in front of the learning cure, Web Dezyn Plus is here for you. If your website is over three years old it is probably time for a refresh. Why do you need it? Where do you start? […]

Do You Need a Website Maintenance Plan?

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In a word — YES — and why?   Word Press Website maintenance means that your site remains current.  Regular maintenance ensures that all of the codes are running properly.  That the Content Management System or CMS remains up-to-date with all the security patches applied. This makes sure that your site is safe from hack attacks.  Site […]

We Are Open

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Well, we’ve made it!  Web Dezyn Plus is now open for business.  We are here for all of your website needs.  Maintenance, support, design or re-design, SEO, social platform integration, blogging and more.  We want to make you, the small entrepreneur, able to get out there and grow your business.  As the owner of an […]