Why Choose Elementor Pro?

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Why did we decide to use Elementor Pro for our new website?   Elementor Pro offered many more professionally-designed templates and blocks that could be easily customized to create a stunning website.  The templates and blocks integrate the Pro widgets so we could create slides, animated headlines, multiple forms and other important features  for our site.

We purchased a “kit” that really spoke to us about our vision for Web Dezyn Plus from ThemeForest.  It was easily customizable to adapt to our colours, animated headers and so much more.  Our end result looks nothing like the original purchased kit.  That’s the advantage of Elementor Pro.

Elementor Pro versus Elementor

Elementor is the “free” version.  There are a lot of widgets that work OK but Elementor Pro empowers you with more options to speed up your site and workflow.  The number of professionally designed and website templates has absolutely exploded over the last couple of years.  Why?  Because Elementor is “WYSIWYG” — or what you see is what you get!  This makes it easier when designing everything on your website.

Elementor Pro’s main points are:  Theme Builder lets you customize every part of your theme, visually design forms and graphics and integrate them seamlessly.  You can customize every part of your website.

You can use the powerful “Insert Widget” panel to insert and position widgets on your website pages.  You can also animate them to create eye-catching pages.

With the powerful features of Elementor Pro, you can make any website come alive with movement, life and colour.

You will have more fun designing your website and your visitors will enjoy visiting your site for much longer.

Lastly, Elementor Pro allows the addition of some custom CSS quickly and easily.  There are several other areas where Elementor Pro just has such a significant advantage over the free Elementor version.

Elementor Pro comes with a huge selection of pre-made, professional designed templates and blocks like Contact Form, Pricing Table, Accordion Menu, Social Sharing Buttons, etc. so you don’t have to re-invent the wheel for your website.

Is there a cost?  Yes.  But a very minor yearly one to have access to all these extra features.  If you are planning a revamp or a new site, we strongly recommend using Elementor Pro.

So you don’t want to do any of this yourself?  Give Web Dezyn Plus a shout and we’d be happy to discuss your requirements.  We’d love to help you out!


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