Congratulations Meadows End Trailer Park – Our Most Recent Web Dezyn Project

Meadows End Trailer Park’s brand-new website launched last week. The owner and his staff, Kirk, Andrea and Deb, got in touch with us some time ago because their online presence had completely disappeared.  What we discovered during our discussions was that no-one had ever explained what happens to a website if it’s not maintained.  It […]

The Ever-Changing Landscape of Web Design:

Woman reading 2024 website design trends on tablet.

A Journey Through Trends and Technologies Our latest article explores the evolution of web design trends and technologies, while discussing the impact of emerging technologies on user interactions and website aesthetics, the importance of understanding historical trends for predicting future design directions, and key elements driving modern web design. Key Elements Driving Modern Web Design […]

Congratulations Orillia Lawn Sprinklers – Our Most Recent Web Dezyn Project

Orillia Lawn Sprinklers in black and red with green plant.

Orillia Lawn Sprinklers’ brand-new website launched this week. The owner, Robert Sullivan, reached out to us a few weeks ago to discuss the possibilities of creating this new company’s website for the underserved Orillia area.  He was really specific about the look of the new website as he wanted it to closely match his other two […]

Being a Woman in a
Male-Oriented Industry

Web design team made up of three men and one woman.

So – What’s It Like? Being a female web designer in a male-dominated field can be both challenging and rewarding.  While there may be instances of feeling underestimated or overlooked, there is also a sense of empowerment in breaking stereotypes and paving the way for other women in the industry.  Our perspectives highlight the dual […]

Empowering Web Design

The Success Story of Gail Kenney and Web Dezyn Plus Gail Kenney of Web Dezyn Plus is a highly rated female web designer in Canada, offering top-notch web design services with a focus on user experience and responsive design. Introduction to Gail Kenney and Web Dezyn Plus Gail Kenney, the talented and experienced female web […]

Enhancing User Experience: The Power of Responsive Web Design

Web designer creating a responsive website design for client with coffee cup on the desk.

The Impact of Responsive Web Design on User Experience: Exploring how responsive design enhances user engagement, reduces bounce rates, reaches a wider audience, and improves SEO performance for businesses. Introduction to Responsive Web Design Impact Responsive web design is a fundamental design strategy that focuses on creating websites that can seamlessly adjust to various devices […]

Congratulation Practical Shift – Our Latest Project

🚀 Exciting news! We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new website design project for Practical Shift, as we helped this brand new company embark on a journey towards sustained growth! 🌱✨Let me tell you, it is absolutely stunning! 😍💻 This well-crafted masterpiece is bound to take her online presence to new heights […]

Our Latest Website Revamp – Journey 2 Soulful

🔄🌐 We are so excited to announce that Journey 2 Soulful’s website revamp is complete.  When Amanda got in touch with us a few months ago she wanted to discuss the changes in her business and operating procedures that she wanted to implement. Her plans and vision for what the new website was going to […]

Does Your Website Need a Re-Do?

Website on blackboard written in white chalk for layout, design, content and traffic

🔄🌐 Is your website feeling outdated and underwhelming? It may be time for a do-over! 🚀✨ Your website is the face of your brand in the digital world, and it plays a crucial role in attracting and engaging your audience. If your website fails to deliver a seamless user experience, it could be costing you […]

Why SEO is important to Us?

Website admins using SEO tools to get their websites ranked in top search rankings in search engine. Website improvement concept to make search results higher.

Why is SEO so important to us? I have just completed a course about the changes in SEO that are taking place in 2024. As the webmistress for over 30 clients,