Website Design Recognition

We are really excited to have received this design badge from Canva.  We really started getting into it’s features and abilities to create specific items for our clients.

Facebook, Instagram & Google My Business

In working with our clients, we have learned that the new MetaBusiness option through Facebook for both FB & Instagram do not work very well in linking back to our clients’ blog posts and websites.  (The links are being stripped out if you use their method.  They want $$$.)  So we’ve gone back to designing specific images which include the linkbacks for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google My Business and Pinterest if needed.  Needless to say, our clients are much happier.    One of our happiest clients is  For example, this is today’s blog post for Amanda.

All of these Social Media posting options are included in our standard Website Maintenance Package.

Brand Boards, Logos & More

As part of preparing to create a new or redesigned website, we spend time chatting with each client so that we can learn what they are looking for their new site.  Once we have gone through a few on-line meetings either by Zoom or WhatsApp to determine those needs, we start creating a “Brand Board.” 

First things first — Get their logo right for their vision.  Most clients who are  looking to revamp their on-line presence usually are looking to update their logo to start.  We work with several designers to get the perfect logo for each client.  Here are two of our latest (and depending on the designer, up to three (3) choices to start, with up to nine (9) revisions of the final design to make sure we get it right!  Logo designs are separately priced outside of our web design services (usually starting in the $500 range for a copyrighted design.)  Some of our designers also will provide stationery at N/C.

Two of our latest logo designs — (redesigning a new site currently under construction) & (a brand new site coming soon.)  

Rogue Marine Rentals
416 Farms Logo

As you can see below, there are very different styles of Branding Boards depending on your logo colours.  One of these is very colourful while the other is more of a monochrome style.  The purpose of a Brand Board is to put everything down on paper so you will know what fonts are going to be used, what the colours are (with the hex numbers) and, if required, logo variations.  For example, the middle logo on both these Brand Boards is how their “favicon” will look.  We also find some sample “stock” images to show what your site may look life when you select your images.   Whatever your desired brand looks like, Web Dezyn Plus is here to help.

Brand Board for Rogue Marine Rentals
416 Farms Branding

And just in case you missed it — we have a new updated logo too!

So once again,  Web Dezyn Plus is thrilled to receive this badge from Canva.  Now I wonder what surprises they will have when we reach 100 designs.

If you are interested in any of the projects or working with us on your new site, please give us a shout by email as right now that’s the easiest way to get in touch!  (We are currently under renovations but that’s a whole other blog!!!)