The Top Ten Reasons to Choose WordPress

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world and is responsible for over 60% of the sites that use CMS on the Internet. In fact, it powers one in every 5 websites on the Internet and helps 100,000 new sites come online every day.

So what are the top 10 reasons why using WordPress will benefit your website too?

1.  WordPress is open-source

It means that there are thousands of WordPress developers all around the world working day and night to improve the system.  None of what they do costs you a penny. Free security and feature updates, every quarter? You bet. Can you say that about your CMS provider? What used to be WordPress’s biggest disadvantage – its open-source nature (in other words, no-one owns it, so no-one is obliged to support it) — has actually become its greatest strength. The community of WordPress developers all over the globe who continue to improve it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, is hard to compete with.

2. WordPress suppliers?

Not a problem! When you use WordPress, one of the things you will realize is that you’ll never be locked down to a particular provider again. You will never have to go through the same “hostage” situation where your website is developed on a unique, bespoke system and you can’t move it to a new provider. With WordPress, you have access to an almost unlimited pool of developers.

3. WordPress makes SEO Easy

WordPress started life as a blogging platform, but has evolved into a robust content management system that is flexible enough to be used for far more than blogging. The amazing heritage that WordPress is famous for and which has made it loved by bloggers and marketers alike is its highly effective search engine optimization (SEO) features, which are baked into the core of the CMS. And you can’t put a price on good SEO optimization!

4. WordPress is easy to use

Time and time again, our clients get awestruck when we show them their new WordPress website for the first time and walk them through how straightforward their new administration will be. They just can’t believe how easy it is to publish articles and change content. Because WordPress is so incredibly popular, one recent benefit for you is that a lot of people have experience with using it, so it becomes much simpler and faster to train new employees or editors when they join your company. One of our clients summarized it best when he said: “The thing with WordPress is that it’s simple — almost idiot proof! — and that’s what you want.” 

5. WordPress has lots of extensions (plugins)

Given the popularity of WordPress, it’s not surprising that a lot of developers have created extensions for it. In the WordPress world, those extensions are called “plugins”. They’re pieces of code — very often free — that extend the core functionality of your website and save your developer time (which saves you money).

6.  WordPress is mature

WordPress is over seventeen years old. It’s not buggy and it won’t crash your site or erase your data. During the past decade, WordPress has been refined, tested, and enhanced. In the process it has evolved into a world-class web publishing system.

7. WordPress has a bullet-proof reputation

Thinking of making your website a WordPress one? Then you’re in good company. WordPress is trusted by Fortune 100 companies from, and CNN to government organizations, who all run their businesses and services on the platform.

8. WordPress is scalable

If you are a publisher, photography or event organizer, you might need more than one website to promote various parts of your business. With WordPress that’s never a problem. WordPress, with its multi-site capabilities and theme-based structure, will allow you to create new sites within a matter of days and fraction of the initial investment.

9. WordPress loves multi-language sites

If you have offices in more than one country, you probably need localized sites for every one of them. WordPress sites are easy to duplicate and customize so managing various different sites in a variety of languages and time zones is a piece of cake.

10. WordPress is a powerhouse

Large sites with millions of views per day use WordPress. Here are just three of the biggies: Mashable, Techcrunch and Metro. Impressed? We are! Wondering if WordPress can support your website too? Contact Web Dezyn Plus for a no-obligation conversation – drop us an email or call 705-955-8574

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