Our Latest Website Revamp – Journey 2 Soulful

🔄🌐 We are so excited to announce that Journey 2 Soulful’s website revamp is complete.  When Amanda got in touch with us a few months ago she wanted to discuss the changes in her business and operating procedures that she wanted to implement.

Her plans and vision for what the new website was going to do for her business were brilliant!  We couldn’t help but be excited for her.  BTW – Amanda was our very second client after we opened Web Dezyn Plus and she has been supportive and with us for the last couple of years.

Anyway, her website, www.journey2soulful.com, definitely needed a makeover to fall into line with her new vision.  On-line health treatment bookings, class bookings, and new practitioner service levels all meant a more robust and interactive website for her users.  She had also moved into a larger space in preparation of the new holistic treatments that she and her practitioners are going to be offering.🚀✨

Some of the new services that Journey 2 Soulful will be offering are:

  • Holistic and Alternative Services
  • Coaching
  • Breathwork Journeys
  • Community Workshops and Events
  • Intuitive Readings

Her website was going to play a crucial role in attracting and engaging holistic practitioners as well as new clients.   WE wanted to make sure that the new layout and functionality worked for everyone involved in the business.😱💔

The combination of soulful vibes and innovative design provides a unique and enriching online experience for visitors.

Journey 2 Soulful’s new well-crafted website will truly elevate its online presence and make a lasting impression on users. It’s was great to see Amanda investing in creating a digital realm that reflects the essence of her brand.  The new website and business model focuses on both emotional connection and cutting-edge design.

We truly appreciate the trust that Amanda and Journey 2 Soulful has given to us while we worked together to create this customized new website.

If your website is over 3 years old; or your business practices have changed, don’t wait! Be pro-active like Amanda!  It’s time to revamp your website and unlock its true potential! 💪🌟

For the month of February 2024, we are offering a complimentary website audit ABSOLUTELY FREE!  A savings to you of $300 so why not take advantage of this service to see if your website really does need an overhaul!  Book your appointment by clicking the button below and we will get you in the schedule a.s.a.p.

Can’t wait to hear from you!  Let’s chat soon!


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